As a dancer and dance teacher I’m inclined to count. So….

1 – This is my first blog since starting my company http://www.danceguildford.co.uk

2 – I’m a working Mum with two kiddies

3 – Three classes started and more to come. DG 1 Toddlers, DG 2 Primary Age, DG 3 Adults

4 – The size of my dancing feet

5 – Fruit & Veg (at least)

6 – ….I’ll get back to you

7 – Wake up time (if I’m lucky!)

8 – Sofa time. Hmmm


Shall we dance?

In 2001 I wrote my dance degree dissertation on the benefits of dance and the elderly. The research astounded me. Why aren’t more people dancing? Culturally, the U.K. are just a bit out of touch with our own bodies. Is it the ‘stiff upper lip’? The suited and booted? The Tory thinking that only concerns itself with ballet and classical music and high art? Dance doesn’t have to limit itself to a school disco or clubbing culture. If that’s what dance is then most people stop dancing in their 20s. Parents know that children dance from a few months old. It’s natural, instinctive. And then we stop. Why?

An informative article on the benefits of dance. http://www.cpa.org.uk/information/reviews/shall-we-dance-report.pdf


For an up to date class timetable please visit the website.

In brief…..

DG 1 Toddlers and Pre-school

Wednesdays, 10.00-11.00, £4 PAYG incl refreshments

DG 2 Primary Age class

Saturdays, 2.00-3.00, £5 PAYG

DG 3 Activ8 adult toning class

Thursdays, 10.00-11.00, £5 PAYG

Why dance?

Why Dance?
It unites our physical, emotional and intellectual being. Is that enough?
Ok, I’ll explain more.

Dance promotes learning.
Dance builds confidence.
Dance increases social skills.
Dance has positive impacts on health.
Dance is democratic.
Dance is FUN!

Dance matters.